Spring Bird Migration

I hope this finds you all happy and well.  Are you enjoying Spring so far?  We have already had several days of 90 degree weather.   Now we are having lots of rainy days,  Today is one of them.  At this very moment, the temp is only 58 and feels very chilly with the wind blowing and all the dampness in the air.   I look at this day as a special blessing before the brutal heat comes.  I know it won’t be long.  I probably shouldn’t, but I dread it.


Eastern Bluebird

I have been watching the birds as much as I can because they are migrating.   I sit on the porch swing and look and listen.  I hear new bird songs and calls, but can’t always spot the new birds for all the new growth and vegetation everywhere.

I am already missing the Cedar Waxwings.  I believe they have left the area because I haven’t seen them for over a week now.  It sure was blessing to see them almost ever day while they were here.


Indigo Buntings

The Indigo Buntings returned a few weeks ago and I have been enjoying them.   They are not settled enough to get very close just yet, but I hope to get some better photos soon.   I always say that this is my favorite bird, but in truth I have lots of favorites.


American Goldfinch

The goldfinches are getting their bright yellow color back and they are a joy to see.  For some reason they really like this old chewed up feeder.  It was a gift from my granddaughter, so I have kept it even though the squirrels have almost destroyed it.


Brown Thrasher

The Brown Thrashers are here year round and I always enjoy seeing them.  I love their pretty chestnut color and speckled breast.   We tend to see more than usual this time of year.


Red-bellied Woodpecker

We have no shortage of woodpeckers here.  They are also among my favorites.   We have Red-bellied Woodpeckers, Downy Woodpeckers, Northern Fllckers (yellow-shafted) which is also our state Bird.  They are called Yellow hammers here. We also have Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers, Red-headed Woodpeckers, which are becoming hardrer to find. We are very blessed to have a few nesting couples in our yard.  I have yet to be able to photograph them.  They are very fearful of people.   We also have Hairy Woodpeckers here which look a lot like the Downy, but are much larger.  I have not seen a Hairy here yet, but I hope to.  There are probably others that I have not seen.


Purple Finch

The Purple Finches must have invited some friends to come live in our yard.  We are seeing more and more of them, which is a treat.  Even seeing one is pretty wonderful.

Do you enjoy bird watching?

I wanted to mention that if you notice some blog posts missing, it’s because I decided to start a new blog for my doll collecting.   It’s easier for me to keep them separate.  It’s called Forever Dolly.   If you would like to visit/follow my new doll blog, here’s a link:


I hope you find many reasons to enjoy this Spring.  And may you always be blessed!


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