Yes, it has finally arrived.  Things are blooming, the grass is green (and already needs cutting), and the stormy weather has begun here.   It’s also a time for migrating birds to be on the move.  So far, I have only seen two new birds here and one of them is a year round bird for us.  I had just never seen one until a few weeks ago.


This is a Pine Warbler.  Not a very good photo, but I barely got this one.  They live here year round, but this is the first one I have ever seen.  Hopefully I will see more of them and be able to get some better photos.


These are Pine Siskins.   I have never seen these before.   They resemble Goldfinches, but are streaked on their undersides and have gray markings instead of black.  I have read that they migrate all over North America and do not follow any certain paths.  This year, they seem to be all over the U.S. in abundance.


And here at last, is a decent photo of a male Purple Finch.  They are a lot like House Finches, but do not have the streaking on their undersides.  I have seen them many times, but could never catch them still enough to snap a photo.  Very happy to finally get a couple.


Just for reference, here is a male House Finch.  They are very similar to Purple Finches, but are more common.


Another favorite, an American Goldfinch.  They are getting their bright yellow color back now.


A Carolina Chickadee.  They are so cute and sing sweet little songs.


The tiny birds are my favorites and this Brown-headed Nuthatch is no exception.  I love the squeaky toy noises they make and their acrobatics.  So fun to watch!


And last, but not least, one of my all time favorites, a Cedar Waxwing.  I have seen many this Winter and have enjoyed seeing them so much.  They have come to my yard almost every day.  It is getting time for them to leave soon and I will miss them.

I am on a daily watch now for the Indigo Buntings to return.  I can hardly wait!  Last Spring, I also saw a Blue Grosbeak, but never did get a photo.   Bird watching is a fun hobby, but also relaxing.  It’s a great way to spend some time outdoors.

Friends and family are amazed at the variety of birds that come here.  For anyone who would like to attract birds to your yard, just put up a bird feeder and fill it with black oil sunflower seed.  Almost all birds love them.  Other birds forage on the ground for their food and some eat flying insects.   Some love suet cakes.   Birds seem to attract other birds too.  Having a water source, like a birdbath is another attraction for them.

I hope you all are enjoying Spring so far.  For me it is the opposite of Fall, which is my favorite season of all.  I am learning as I grow older that every season should be enjoyed for whatever it may bring.   Every day is truly a gift.

Be blessed my friends!


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