Happy New year!

Wow, it’s hard to believe we are already halfway through the first month of 2015.  I hope the New Year is proving to be a good one for everybody.   Lots going on here, and most of it good for a change, but busy as ever.

You may wonder if this is a “doll blog” or anything to do with a “farmhouse”……my only explanation is that my small doll collection is just part of my life here at the farmhouse.  Sometimes life can be hard and this is a fun little escape for me.  I share this hobby with my granddaughter, who is growing up much too quickly.  We are making memories that I hope she will carry with her forever.  I know the time is coming soon when she will decide that she is too old to play with dolls, so I hope to have this time with her for as long as I can.

I’m still bird watching as much as possible.  My photos are just not very good when the weather is so gloomy and cloudy.   We have had lots of dark days lately, even without rain.  Today we are getting rain too, which we always need.  Sometimes I think we all need to be reminded to be thankful for all the perfect, sunny days we usually have.

There’s always plenty of housework & laundry to keep me busy when I have to stay indoors.  And I love to cook & bake when it’s like this.  It just seems to make our home feel a bit more cozy.   Speaking of cooking, I have a big pot of turkey soup simmering for dinner tonight.  Doesn’t that sound yummy on this cold, rainy evening?  I always add a bit of wild rice to make it even heartier.

Time to get busy again.  I still need to bake the jalapeno cornbread.

Be blessed!


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