My Quest for Simplicity

As I get older, the desire to simplify my world has come into focus.  This not only means being more frugal, but also reducing clutter, and taking time to smell the roses.

Life is short!   As you begin to get older & loved ones begin to pass on, this simple truth will become crystal clear.    Do not waste another day waiting for life to turn out like you want.   Start working towards your goals and make it happen.

Simplifying your life should also include your body & soul.   Avoid drama & negativity.   Strive for happiness.   Be supportive.   Agree to disagree.   Never go to bed angry.   Be just.   Be honest.   Be true to yourself.   Be encouraging.   Be thankful.   Forgive.   Love.    Doing these things will help remove the clutter from your heart & mind.   For what good is a clutter-free home if your heart & head is full of disappointment & anger?

My main message is to be willing to work for what you want.    Edit the things that need to be changed or removed from your life.   This requires frequent monitoring to stay on course.   The good news is, there are no penalties if you make a mistake.    Try to have a good attitude in spite of circumstances.

I have several goals that I’m currently working on:   saving money, de-cluttering & organizing our home, paying off debt, making more time to spend with family, de-stressing , relaxing & enjoying everything life has to offer.

I believe the rewards of a simple life are well worth the effort.


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